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VOOM Carpool Overview

VOOM carpool for kids (and parents)

VOOM Carpool finds safe carpools for your children within your social network. VOOM Carpool identifies friends with a common goal even if it’s for different reasons. VOOM Carpool is a must have for parents – and it’s free!

LogisticsBe more efficient

Improve your efficiency by being smarter. Let VOOM Carpool play matchmaker and show you which friends have the same driving needs for their child.

Save your sanitySave time, money and stress

Let’s face it. All of this driving around can be stressful and often leaves no time to make dinner.  Let’s work together and we’ll all be happier.

Safety firstEnd the double buckle

VOOM tracks the number of open seats so you don’t have to worry about your child sharing a seat belt again, or not having a booster, etc. See real time child locations too.

Easily View CarpoolsChoose either map or list format

Carpools are shown as map pins or in a list depending upon your preference. Green pins indicate a friend will drive while red pins indicate child in need of a ride with a friend.

Made by ParentsWe get it

VOOM Carpool was created by parents of active children who when not carpooling, are obsessing about ways to make the carpooling process easier and safer. Join us.

Secured AccountsShare only with select contacts

Data is secure and is only shared with other users you invite to join your “circle”. Link accounts to spouse, grandparent, babysitter, etc. and enter carpool info only once.

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App Screenshots

VOOM Carpool will forever change the way you carpool.

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But wait...there's more..

It gets better.

  • Free!!!
  • Set up in seconds
  • Log open seats
  • See savings by carpooling
  • Filter search results
  • Automated reminders
  • Texting feature
  • Import to calendars
  • Receive child location updates
  • Share info with linked phones
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