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It is such a pet peeve of mine when restaurants have separate dessert menus.

I need my fix early in the day to keep my taste buds satisfied! Fortunately for me and my sweet-tooth, these paleo banana walnut muffins are delicious without being devastatingly decadent!

Quite the opposite, these muffins will keep you feeling full, satisfied and energized all morning long! I first made these muffins after a trip to New York with Jason last fall.

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Fruits and vegetables, unsurprisingly, did not feature during my weekend — unless you count the beansprouts in my Lo Mein?! So what the hell is up with that?! Basically it allows you to eat the food you love and get in the best shape of your life!

Flexible Eating is a lifestyle I intend to continue for life because it makes me look and feel better naked! It also allows me to enjoy the foods I love without feeling guilty.

That being said, my rather indulgent weekend in NYC left me feeling that some moderation needed to be reinstated and some additional fiber consumed! Adding a few leafy greens between my ramen noodle buns would not suffice. Yep, a whole week without donuts!

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The results of my Paleo-ish week were pleasantly surprising. For starters, I got to eat SO much.

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Trying to consume all my carbohydrates from whole foods, excluding grains and beans was a pretty big challenge but it meant I got to eat a TON of fruits and veggies. No wonder I was hangry all the time before….

By fel four of my week commitment though I was on the struggle bus. I was finding it so hard to hit my daily fat goals without going over my protein.

All in all, although the week did require more planning it was a success and I felt a lot better for it; I slept better, I felt lighter and less bloated, I was more regular and I felt satiated by the quantity of food I got to eat.

If you plan to take on a yazled of clean eating here are some tips to consider.

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Let me know how you get on if you try out a week of clean eating. Pin 2.

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