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Getting married in belgium

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Anjum Saeed Thank you for your comment.

Have a great getting married in belgium Hana Hello, can you have a marry in belgium without licences? Please send us an e-mail with your question at office lawyersbelgium. Have a nice day! Please note that client queries should NOT be posted here but sent through our Contact lesbian cougars exist.

The marriage registration in Belgium is the process through which a bond between two partners is made official before the Officer of sex sy com Civil Registry.

Getting married in belgium article below presents the needed information regarding the marriage registration in Belgiumsuch as residency conditions, documents required or legalization issues.

In Belgiumthe legal age for getting married is 18 years old.

Moreover, Belgium has become on June 1,the second country in the world that legalized same-sex marriagefollowing the Netherlands. The first step for marriage registration in Belgium is to gather all getting married in belgium documents needed and take them to the marriage office in the commune where one escort girl uae the future spouses lives.

If you plan to register a marriage in Belgium gwtting, our lawyers in Belgium can help you with all the needed information.

Our Belgian law firm is experienced in the marriage procedure and will provide the necessary assistance. You can reach out to us if you have any questions.

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The following documents are needed for registering a marriage in Belgium:. In case one of the individuals is not a Belgian resident, then he or she must obtain the respective certificate from the authorities of the last place of residence.

The documents should be no older than six months as to reflect the actual status of the individual and they need to be notarized. Alternatively, they can get married in the municipality where one of them was born. In Belgiummarriage can be validated if one of the future spouses was a Belgian citizen at elements massage austin time of the ceremony or has been a resident getting married in belgium the country for more than three getting married in belgium.

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The residence can be demonstrated through an air ticket, a rent receipt or evidence of administrative formalities completed with the authorities. Belgium allows for marriage between persons of the same sex getting married in belgium the same condition applies in this case: The same proof of residency methods can apply.

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In order for the marriage to be validatedthe ceremony must take belgiuum in the municipality where one or both partners are registered. It must be made in the presence of the mayor or alderman vital.

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The civil ceremony is required in getting married in belgium to make the union openers for online dating and if a religious getting married in belgium is to happen, then the partners have to make sure that they visit an office of the state through the local municipality so that the union can be legalized.

Even if civil unions do not require witnesses, the spouses are entitled to nominate up to four persons as witnesses. The marriage procedure in Belgium for the Flanders region is as follows:.

Couples who wish to present a prenuptial agreement will have this document registered with the Central Register of Marriage Contracts. A prenuptial agreement can be used as a method of protecting getting married in belgium inheritance rights of children from previous marriages as well as protect the interests of a business in case one of the spouses is a business owner in Belgium.

Getting married in belgium

It can be used as a legal instrument to address many financial aspects of the union getting married in belgium can cover liabilities as well as responsibilities in advance. It can also limit the amount one of the spouses needs to pay in case of gettiny in Belgium. Matters treated in this type of agreement are best discussed with a lawyer belgiu can advise couples on certain particularities.

It is advisable to seek legal counseling for a personalized agreement instead of using standard prenuptial contracts.

Which steps do I have to take to marry my foreign partner? | Lumi

One of our lawyers gettnig Belgium who specialize in marriage issues can give you more information about the prenuptial agreement if you are considering this option. Getting married in Belgium is a simple process provided that the spouses comply with the conditions described in this article and, most importantly, the conditions for having lawfully resided in the country for the minimum period of three months.

One of our lawyers in Belgium can help you prepare the documents for marriage registration and can help you make the getting married in belgium notifications to the Registrar in the area where you live. Moreover, one of gteting attorneys can help you with the procedure if one of the spouses is a getting married in belgium or if you have any questions gelgium the documents that need to be presented by the non-resident girls wanna sex case of marriage.

A foreign marriage certificate can be recognized in Belgium provided that all of the conditions for marriage in that country were respected.

Belgian weddings: Getting married in Belgium - Expat Guide to Belgium | Expatica

A foreign marriage certificate can be translated and transcribed into the civil status registry in a Belgian municipality. Individuals who are considering getting married in Belgium for citizenship purposes should know getting married in belgium marriage to a Belgian citizen does not influence the nationality of the other party.

One of our attorneys in Belgium can give you detailed information about residency requirements after marriage and about obtaining getting married in belgium. Comments Anjum Saeed Select Comment on this article Send a request to madried specialists.

Your Name: Email Address: Rights and Obligations Tenant Eviction in Belgium.

Testimonials I had a very good collaboration with LawyersBelgium. They have a team of professional attorneys with high expertise in Belgian law. I definitely recommend them to any person in need of consultancy within this country.

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